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Metals Processing

fiberglass mat prcessing

Kadant products are used in various metal industry applications, including rolling mills, galvanizing, coating, and painting. New technologies in new roll cleaning systems increases efficiency, reduces waste, enhances quality, and promotes sustainability.

Roll Cleaner Assemblies

VeriLite Image for Industry PagesRoll cleaner assemblies are comprised of a roll cleaning blade, blade holder, structural beam, brackets, and bearings along with an option to oscillate. Clean rolls make a difference in metal processing. Our family of roll cleaning systems set the bar for roll cleaning and contaminant removal.

Kadant roll cleaner assemblies are ideal technologies for bridle, pinch, deflector, turn down, steering, tower, tension level, temper rolls, accumulator rolls, and looper rolls to increase quality and reduce sheet defects.

Roll cleaner assemblies such as the VeriLite™ and VeriKleen™ when used with the Ultra C™ roll cleaning blade are designed for metals processing with a compact design, improved safety, and quick blade changes.


How do contaminants like dirt and oil cause defects in metal sheets during processing?

Contaminants can stick to rolls and transfer to metal sheets, causing defects. Cleaning these materials is essential to prevent wasting large metal batches quickly.

What are the advantages of using VeriLite roll cleaner assemblies throughout the metals production process?

Installing the VeriLite roll cleaner assemblies on all rolls ensures continuous cleanliness for a defect-free finished product. This improves operator safety by eliminating manual roll cleaning.

Are there alternatives to blades for roll cleaning?

The VeriLite roll cleaner assembly offers alternatives such as the EzKleen™ roll polisher. This tool helps maintain roll surface finish, beneficial for worn rolls.

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