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Press Section Felt Cleaning Assembly

Press Section Felt Cleaning Assembly
The press section felt cleaning assembly, also known as UHLE pipe, is designed to enhance uniform CD dewatering and cleaning, and minimize energy consumption on the press section of a paper machine. Felt cleaning assemblies are available with optional heavy-duty fixed, manual, or automatic suction box rotators. Suction box rotators provide a safe and easy method to rotate the suction pipe for inspection, change wear surfaces, and remove pitch and stickies from covers.

Fixed Suction Box Rotators

The fixed suction box incorporates the optimal combination of weight and structural integrity to resist both deflection and vibration. It’s designed to withstand a vacuum of 20" Hg (0.07 MPa) and is available in 304L or 316L grade stainless steel. To ensure proper application, all felt cleaning assembly sizing is done using a proprietary sizing program.

Manual Suction Box Rotators

The manual suction box rotator is a fixed suction box rotator with the added feature of a jack-screw and hand-wheel assembly. It enables machine tenders to rotate the felt cleaning assembly up to 45° from the operating position for clean-up and inspection where required.

Automatic Suction Box Rotators

The automatic rotation option uses a hydraulic motor and provides up to 270° of rotation. The rotation is controlled using a panel designed for easy access. The panel also serves to enclose an electric pump that drives the hydraulic motor located on the felt cleaning assembly.

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