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Fine Filtration Systems

Fine Filtration Systems
Petax™ fine filtration systems enable the recycling of whitewater for use in showers, even high-pressure showers on the wire or felts.
Petax fine filtration systems offer high solids removal and fine filtration in a single unit. Petax fine filtration systems operate continuously to filter particles as small as 1 micron. This technology provides economical, single-stage filtration of liquids containing high solids content in the range of 100-2000 ppm.


  • Patented filtering technology
  • Three-stage media cleaning system
  • Unique engineered filter medium
  • Filtrate quality acceptable for use in high-pressure showers in the press section
  • Particle removal less than 20 microns in size
  • No chemicals or flocculants required


  • Reduced mill operating costs
  • Improved machine operations
  • Reduced municipal treatment plant charges

  • Improved machine cleanliness


  • Clear leg saveall whitewater
  • DAF and clarifier filtrate
  • Reuse whitewater on wet-end and press section showers
  • Effluent solids reduction
  • Cooling tower water

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