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Multiple-Barrel Pressure Filter

Multiple-barrel pressure filters are designed to remove contaminants from a liquid filtration process while providing high cleaning efficiency, low flow restrictions, and easy maintenance.

ErGo™ Filtration System

The ErGo filtration system removes contaminants from a variety of applications including process water and fresh water. End results include the protection of shower nozzles and process equipment along with improved product quality. The “bottomless” barrel design provides easy element removal and cleaning. The ergonomically engineered system allows easy and safe access when changing filter elements. The filter is available with both internal and external backwash options.

MegaFlo™ Backwash System

The MegaFlo system can be designed with either internal or external backwash. Flow enters through the bottom inlet header and is distributed equally through each filter barrel. As contaminants build on the exterior filter screen, the differential pressure increases and backflushing occurs. A backwash system operates identically to the internal backwash system with an additional header at the top of the unit to introduce a secondary source of clean backflush fluid.

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