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Forming refers to a process and a section of a paper machine. The forming section of a paper machine is where the first building of the mat of paper takes place. Water and fiber are presented from a nozzle referred to as a headbox onto a moving filter medium known as a forming fabric.  

Forming products are the devices and equipment that support and remove the water throughout the development of the web of paper until it reaches a state that will allow it to transfer to a pressing stage. Forming products consist of forming boards, foil blades, deckles, deckle boards, wear surfaces, low vacuum units, high vacuum units, and top formers. 


Does the forming section influence paper quality?

Yes. The makeup of forming section products can affect the paper quality. Products that induce agitation can affect fiber orientation resulting in differing finished paper product.

What is a forming board?

A forming board is a structure that sets directly following the breast roll of a paper machine and is positioned to accept the first impingement of the water and fiber slurry onto the forming fabric.

What is a foil unit?

A foil unit supports dewatering blade elements (wear surfaces) like foil blades, activity blades, and VID blades.

What is forming element or blade?

A forming element is a wear surface that has a specific shape and material composition, that functions with the drainage unit type to dewater the paper slurry.

What is a LOVAC?

Lovac stands for low vacuum unit. A lovac is drainage structure that supports dewatering blade elements (wear surfaces) much like a foil unit. However, this type of structure runs with a low negative pressure (vacuum) inside the structure to aid with dewatering.

What is a HIVAC?

Hivac stands for high vacuum unit or suction box. A hivac unit is a drainage structure that supports dewatering blade elements (wear surfaces) that operate with a high negative pressure (vacuum) inside the structure to aid dewatering.

What is a Uhle Box or Felt Suction Box?

A Uhle box is a dewatering unit or device that removes water from a press felt in the pressing process of paper making. The felt effectively holds water removed from the paper web along with cleaning water used to dislodge contaminates that adhere to the felt.


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