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Custom Solutions

Kadant offers custom solutions at select locations globally ranging from In Mill™ Design, HACCP International food safe certification, and OEM genuine parts program.

In Mill Design

The proper design and application of doctoring, cleaning, and filtration systems improves machine performance and return on investment. Kadant’s innovative In Mill Design service provides your mill with an application specialist and a design engineer on-site to create a 3D layout for your doctoring, cleaning, and filtration systems while collaborating with your mill team.


HACCP International Certification

Kadant U.K. Limited and Kadant Solutions manufacture Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) International certified blades and blade holders. HACCP International is an accredited, global certification body that independently certifies and endorses equipment, materials, and services sold worldwide to the regulated food industry.

Genuine KSD Parts

Genuine Parts Program

The Kadant Genuine Parts program is designed to raise awareness of the importance of using OEM genuine replacement parts when repairing or maintaining equipment. Kadant invests extensive research, time, and money in developing OEM products to ensure the highest standards of safety and performance are met. When using knock-off parts, there is no guarantee these components meet our current standards. They are not subjected to our quality requirements or design standards and are often made from different materials which drives the lower purchase cost. Off-spec designs, however, can affect the function and safety of the product, which can lead to premature wear, damage to equipment, and even accidents, putting operators at a considerable safety risk.


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