Nanotechnology-enhanced Doctor Blades


  • Enhanced resin performance

  • Proprietary capabilities to enable outstanding cleaning and wear life performance

  • Kadant’s latest patented technology to reduce ‘stickies’ accumulation on the doctor blade


  • Improved wear life

  • Reduced operation costs
  • Fewer blade changes


Why should I use a nanotechnology-enhanced doctor blade over a regular doctor blade?

Kadant’s patented nanotechnology-enhanced doctor blades have proven more successful in solving many of the problems experienced by paper, board, and tissue machines than standard doctor blades. i.e., sheet break, take off issue, shedding position, roll cleaning and ‘stickies’ accumulation.

How do I decide which nanotechnology-enhanced doctor blade is right for my application?

Very often there is an underlining problem on the machine, which your local Kadant expert will be able to identify and offer the most appropriate solution.

I don’t have any problems with my machine. Should I still consider trying a nanotechnology-enhanced doctor blade?

Yes, nanotechnology-enhanced doctor blades solve machine operating issues but can also serve as a method of on-going machine improvement and development. 

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