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Spray Nozzles

Spray Nozzles
Spray nozzles are used to remove contaminants and are essential in the cleaning process of many manufacturing processes.

We manufacture thousands of spray nozzles including jet, fan, brush shower, disc fan, self-purging, trim squirt, and quick connect nozzles. Special tipped nozzles such as ruby and cermet are also available.

Nozzle Spray Options

  • Flat fan spray
  • Solid jet stream
  • Hollow cone
  • Full cone

ArresTech™ Spray Nozzle Enhancement

ArresTech spray nozzle enhancement is a proprietary plating technology that imparts hardness, abrasion resistance, and lubricity to the base metal. ArresTech spray nozzle enhancement performance characteristics combine to prevent thread galling, extend the base metal life, and accelerate nozzle installation, removal, and inspection.

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