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Stationary and Oscillating Showers

Stationary and Oscillating Showers

Stationary showers are used for filtered freshwater and clarified whitewater applications where an even full-width distribution of water is required. They are usually furnished with fan-pattern nozzles; however, we offer an array of fan angles and orifices for optimal spray pattern.

Oscillating showers uniformly cover the width of the fabric, roll, or cylinder. They are typically used when high-pressure needle jets are required to deliver concentrated, high-energy spots to clean fabrics, rolls, or cylinders. Oscillating showers are also used for chemical or lubrication fan showers for superior and additional flow distributions. They can be furnished with jet nozzles and any combination of alternating jet and fan nozzles.


  • Forming, pressing, and dryer fabric cleaning
  • Extractor belt cleaning
  • Paper machine roll cleaning and lubricating
  • Filter press belt cleaning
  • Replace existing fresh water showers


  • High- and low-pressure designs
  • Universal mounting brackets for easy installation
  • Corrosion resistant materials (316L stainless steel or higher)
  • Single or pipe-in-pipe design
  • Optional purgeable nozzle system
  • Optional brush system
  • Synchronized oscillating speed


  • Clean fabrics, rolls, and cylinders

  • Permits reuse of process water
  • Reduces energy requirements to heat fresh water
  • Minimal maintenance and reduced downtime
  • Reduces mill waste
  • Improved product quality

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