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Roll Cleaner Assemblies

Roll Cleaner Assemblies
Roll cleaner assemblies are comprised of a roll cleaning blade, blade holder, structural beam, brackets, and bearings along with an option to oscillate.

Roll cleaner assemblies provide continuous roll cleaning for a variety of industrial roll and belt applications.

VeriLite™ Roll Cleaner Assembly

The patented VeriLite roll cleaner assembly provides a compact and unique design that offers excellent cleaning results to improve uptime and reduce maintenance costs in a variety of industrial roll and belt cleaning applications. This assembly is appropriate for wet, dry, and high-temperature environments. The VeriLite roll cleaner assembly is also available with the VeriFlex oscillation system.

VeriKleen™ Roll Cleaner Assembly

The VeriKleen roll cleaner assembly provides a cost-effective technology for various industrial applications. Many roll and belt cleaning applications require a design that is both compact and provides excellent cleaning results to improve uptime and reduce maintenance costs. This assembly is suitable for high-temperature environments.


What’s the difference between a roll cleaner assembly and a roll polisher?

A roll cleaner assembly is a system including the blade, blade holder, and components used to scrape, flake, or clean material from a roll’s surface. A roll polisher generally uses a pad to clean and condition a porous roll surface.

What type of roll cleaning blades are used in a roll cleaner assembly?

It depends on many factors including application, roll surface, desired result, and environment. A Kadant blade expert will work with you to determine the best type of roll cleaning blade for your process goals.

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