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Yankee Dryer Cleaner

The Yankee Dryer Cleaner device is used to effectively and safely remove coating from the Yankee dryer surface.
Regular Yankee dryer surface cleaning during downtime is important. Removing coating is even more critical if chatter marks are developing, which can migrate across the face and into the Yankee surface. The Yankee dryer cleaner device is lightweight, easy to handle, and requires minimal manpower. There are a variety of application specific pads available for cleaning and polishing the Yankee surface. When used regularly, it can act as an effective chatter management device and prevent the need for Yankee grinds.


  • Can be used in any holder style
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Application-specific cleaning and polishing pads


  • Safe and effective, requires minimal manpower
  • Removes all the coating from the Yankee surface
  • Improves creping effectiveness
  • Removes chatter marks in coating and prevents them from spreading
  • Reduces frequency of Yankee grinds

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