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Mist Elimination Systems

Mist Elimination Systems

The Mist Eliminator is a unique system that incorporates standard paper machine components to thoroughly clean forming fabrics and, at the same time, eliminate mist that is often associated with high-pressure showering.

Mist in and around paper machines is a common occurrence impacting paper mill operations. This problem can lead to production loss due to extra clean-up time, sheet breaks, and poor sheet quality. In extreme cases, it can even be hazardous to operators.


  • Reliable oscillating fresh-water or whitewater shower
  • Shroud captures and contains mist
  • HDPE and silicon nitride blades maintain precise gap
  • Vacuum box with mounting brackets for shower assembly
  • Low horsepower centrifugal exhauster
  • Air/water separator
  • Optional high-pressure pump and filter


  • Cleaner fabric and mist-free, clean, safe environment
  • Less product loss and sheet breaks
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fines returned to whitewater system
  • Evenly-dry fabric exits the Mist Eliminator
  • Adaptable to any machine configuration

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