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In-line Pressure Filters

Inline Pressure Filters
The simple filter design of Kadant in-line filters allows screens to be serviced quickly and efficiently.

Our simple filter design of in-line filters can be provided in either a single or duplex arrangement. A single in-line filter is normally used in applications where the flow can be interrupted, or the filter can be bypassed when the filter element is serviced. Duo filters are typically used when continuous filtration is required.


  • Baffled flow design provides uniform dispersion over the media resulting in longer media life and less frequent cleaning
  • Quarter-turn cap provides rapid access to filter elements without tools
  • Optional vent cap for added safety
  • Positive sealing o-rings maintain absolute seal integrity to prevent bypass
  • Filter media available in synthetic fabrics, wire mesh, slotted wedge wire, diffusion bonded


  • Easy inspection and cleaning
  • Element centering pin ensures the filter element is axially aligned
  • Duo-filter configuration offers single-unit cleaning while the second filter and filtration line continue operating

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