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M-Clean™ System

The M-clean system is a modular cleaning system for fabrics, belts, and rolls in process industries. The modular design provides flexibility allowing all new equipment or a combination of new and existing equipment. Key components, such as spray nozzles, are also interchangeable to fit the application.

Each M-clean system has the capability to incorporate the kConnect™ series for intelligent monitoring that leads to insights about preventative maintenance and predictive monitoring for the system. The kConnect series uses a variety of sensors incorporated into the M-clean system for monitoring and analysis. The data collected can be used to optimize preventative maintenance to improve performance and reduce downtime.

m-clean pro

M-clean PRO

The M-clean PRO has the largest installation base and is the most powerful unit within the M-clean system product line. It contains a complete set of high-pressure pumps, evacuations, and control systems where a desired number of cleaning units are connected. The system effectively cleans both the surface and deep inside the fabric structure or roll cover and ensures that all removed impurities are collected and discharged outside the machine.

M-clean ULTRA

The M-clean ULTRA builds upon the M-clean PRO, however it is constructed with a simpler, more streamlined design to suit narrow and tight installation positions. The M-clean ULTRA works with lower water pressure and a simplified pumping and control system but offers all necessary features suitable for a high-quality system. The M-clean ULTRA is designed for continuous operation; however, some applications require only intermittent use.

M-clean BRUSH

The M-clean BRUSH uses the same method of high-pressure water, evacuation, and air knife system as the M-clean PRO and works in combination to remove impurities, dried out coating color residues, and roll contaminants. Additionally, it has a rotating brush which is an integrated part of the cleaning head for removing contaminants from the roll surface. The cleaning head includes double nozzle bodies for shock cleaning during breaks and continuous cleaning.


Product Name Wet End Press Roll Dryer Coater Tissue Non-Woven Glass Mat
M-clean PRO
M-clean ULTRA
M-clean BRUSH

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