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Technical service is one of our greatest strengths and is part of our customer commitment. Supplying superior products isn’t enough. We offer numerous services at select locations globally ranging from engineering and field installation to repair.

Engineering Services

Engineering services facilitate ease of installation of Kadant products. Benefits of our engineering services include expedited projects through the funding cycle, an economical engineering package compared to the large engineering houses, and significantly improved ROI.

Field and Installation Services

Field and installation services are available from select Kadant facilities to aid with product application in the mill environment. Kadant field technicians offer a specialized service because of their industry knowledge and Kadant product knowledge. They can not only troubleshoot maintenance issues but offer solutions for improving your process.
Field and Installation Services

Repair Services

Repair services are available at select Kadant facilities. Fast, efficient repair service is essential to smooth-running, profitable process manufacturing operations. Often the extent of any damage is unknown until repair work is started. Product may be shipped back to a facility for specific repairs that may not be simple to complete in the mill setting.

Repair Services

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