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RapidKleen™ Auto-Strainer

RapidKleen™ Auto-Strainer
The RapidKleen auto-strainer is a high volume fresh water pressure filtration system.
The RapidKleen auto-strainer introduces the fluid to be strained to an inlet nozzle located in the lower shell section of the vessel. Contaminated fluid is directed to a filter assembly. The filter bundle captures particulates from the bottom and top entrances by way of the hollow core of the assembly. Cleaned fluid exits the unit through the outlet nozzle positioned in the shell housing between the top and bottom tube sheets of the filter element. The system backwashes automatically to clean the filter elements when the differential pressure switch setpoint is reached without interrupting the process flow.


  • Available with 2" to 36" flanges
  • Flow capacities from 35 to 40,000 gpm
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Highly efficient back-flushing system
  • Large filter surface area
  • Minimal back-flushing quantity
  • Low pressure drops


  • Simple, rugged design for longer filter life
  • Low operating costs
  • Extended maintenance intervals
  • Filter elements and tube sheets are removable as one assembly
  • Easy installation

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