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Rotoflex™ Resource Recovery Strainer

Rotoflex™ Resource Recovery Strainer
The RotoFlex resource recovery strainer is used to effectively and efficiently reclaim white water, heat, chemicals, and fiber from a variety of process industry applications.
The fluid to be filtered is supplied to a distribution header that feeds six stationary distribution header arms mounted on an angle parallel to the screen. A series of uniquely designed slots on each header delivers the feed at low pressure uniformly around the screen surface area. The impact force from the distribution slots combined with the precisely angled flow results in rotation of the screen assembly. Water that passes through the filtration medium collects and drains from the bottom of the unit. The retained solid material slides down the angled screen to the center where it exits the system to a user supplied collection tank.


  • Backerless filter media design
  • Automatic upset recovery
  • No external power for screen rotation
  • Optional intermittent cleaning shower
  • Replace filter media in minutes


  • Recovery of water, heat, chemical, and fiber
  • No electrical motors or continuous shower water required
  • Continuous operation through system upset conditions
  • High volume capacity

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