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Gravity Strainers

Gravity Strainers
The gravity strainer 4000™ series is used to filter process whitewater that contains relatively high levels of fiber.


  • High flow rates with relatively high solids loading
  • Gravity feed capability can eliminate pumps
  • Continuous media cleaning with rotating showers
  • Rotating shower is only moving part
  • Corrosion-free fiberglass or stainless-steel construction


  • Lower cost per gallon processed
  • Minimal power cost and low maintenance
  • Maximum throughput, minimal downtime, high efficiency
  • No fresh water requirements
  • BTU savings by reuse of warm process water


  • Vacuum pump seal water
  • Clear-leg save-all water
  • Overflow from cylinder vats
  • Stock washers
  • Removal of felt hairs from paper mill press section water

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