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M-clean™ PRO

m-clean pro

The M-clean PRO has the largest installation base and is the most powerful unit within the M-clean system product line. It contains a complete set of high-pressure pumps, evacuations, and control systems where a desired number of cleaning units are connected. The system effectively cleans both the surface and deep inside the fabric structure or roll cover and ensures that all removed impurities are collected and discharged outside the machine. Current applications include, but not limited to process industries such as paper, nonwovens, fiberglass mat, wood paneling, food processing.


  • Stainless steel construction

  • Designed for up to 285°F (140°C) ambient temperature

  • One central unit for up to six cleaning units in serial cleaning mode, or one central unit for up to four cleaning units in parallel cleaning mode

  • Efficient cleaning with up to 8,700 psi (600 bar) water pressure

  • kConnect™ series compatibility


  • Improved machine runnability and production quality

  • Clean and condition fabrics or rolls

  • High air permeability values during fabric life

  • No water marks during cleaning

  • Increased drying efficiency

  • Simple, easy-access maintenance

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