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Ultrasert™ F Ceramic-tipped Forming Blade 

ultrasert f wear surfaces

A hybrid wear surface uses a combination of Durwear polyethylene and a premium Ultrawear™ ceramic wear surfaces.


  • Flexible configuration with specialty and proprietary blade shapes

  • Available in any combination of Durwear polyethylene and Ultrawear ceramic wear surfaces


  • Cost benefit versus full top ceramic

  • Longer life cycle versus a using just a polyethylene wear surface


How long does a wear surface last?

The answer varies depending on the process, chemicals being used, and the environment. For example, fillers may be in the system such as contaminants used in recycling. These contaminants can cause issues with the process which influences the life of the wear surface. We take a holistic approach to understanding your process to give you a better approximation of the products life.

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