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Conformatic™ AL Creping Blade Holder

conformatic al doctor blade holder

The Conformatic AL creping blade holder is used in tissue manufacturing for precise bi-directional profiling of the Yankee crown without the need for edge fingers. The holder is designed for use in all Yankee doctor positions including cut-off, creping, and cleaning. The Conformatic AL creping blade holder provides uniform sheet quality, reduced Yankee dryer surface wear, and longer blade life.

The robust construction is designed for today’s high performance tissue machines and features a self-conforming liquid tube and backup blade. Optional smart features can be integrated to provide real time process feedback such as vibration and load. The Conformatic AL creping holder design innovations provide significant enhancements in performance and Yankee safety.


  • Precise profiling for Yankee crown without the need for edge fingers

  • Bi-directional profiling movement

  • High degree of mechanical stiffness

  • Slide out feature for quick removal

  • Conforming liquid tube capable of loads to 50 PLI

  • Optional vibration accelerometers and blade load sensors


  • Even blade wear

  • Reduced operating pressures

  • Minimized vibration and chatter marks

  • Safer operation at Yankee edges

  • Real time process feedback

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