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Engineered Wood Manufacturing

engineered wood manufacturing

Kadant products are transforming engineered wood manufacturing through advancements in caul screen and press fabric cleaning and wastewater recovery. New technologies in cleaning and filtration are pivotal in streamlining processes and enhancing safety and efficiency. Integrating these systems can significantly reduce energy costs and further their commitment to sustainability, redefining operational excellence.

Caul Screen and Press Fabric Cleaning

M clean IndustriesEngineered wood producers often encounter challenges with keeping fabrics and press screens clean. Whether using individual caul screens or a continuous press fabric, the voids of the screens must remain clean and clear so that air and other gases can be released out of the material.

With over 1,200 installations globally, the M-clean™ system uses high-pressure pumps, evacuation vacuum, and control systems to clean press fabrics and caul screens. The M-clean system continuously removes dirt and residues and improves product surface quality while reducing defects and downtime.

Wastewater Recovery

RotoFlex IndustriesThe RotoFlex™ resource recovery strainer and the ErGo™ filtration system can work together to remove wood and other contaminants from wastewater. The RotoFlex resource recovery strainer recycles water and filters solids while ensuring uninterrupted operations. When combined with the ErGo filtration system, engineered wood facilities can keep press fabrics and caul screens clean with less water. This approach enhances operational efficiency and supports sustainable manufacturing by preventing blockages and reducing sediment in recycled water.


What impact does effective press fabric cleaning have on product quality?

Effective cleaning of press fabrics prevents the formation of defects and imperfections in wood products, resulting in a higher-quality finish and reduced downtime.

What does the M-clean system do for engineered wood production?

The M-clean system uses high-pressure cleaning to maintain the cleanliness of caul screens and press fabrics, leading to improved surface quality of wood products and enhanced production efficiency.

How does the RotoFlex resource recovery strainer contribute to sustainability?

The RotoFlex resource recovery strainer recycles water and removes solids from wastewater, reducing the need for fresh water and supporting sustainable engineered wood manufacturing practices.

Can the M-clean system and RotoFlex resource recovery strainer work together?

Yes, integrating the M-clean system with the RotoFlex resource recovery strainer ensures uninterrupted cleaning and water recovery operations, enhancing overall process efficiency.


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