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UniClean-S™ Blade Holder

uniclean s blade holder

The UniClean-S blade holder is a low-profile DST style tube loaded holder that provides uniform loading across the roll surface. The holder features an integrated UniTrak™ holder removal system for quick and easy maintenance and cleaning. The holder is suitable for use in critical positions in a variety of applications, including breast roll, wire rolls, felt rolls, dryers, and calendar rolls.


  • Stainless steel and composite construction

  • Standard KF or DST style stainless steel blade retention

  • Integrated slide-out feature

  • Conforms doctor blade to the roll surface

  • Stainless-steel top plate


  • Uniform cross-machine pressure distribution and roll surface cleaning

  • The original patented slide holder removal for quick tube or top plate assembly replacement and general holder maintenance

  • Cross-machine flexibility, machine direction rigidity

  • Composite tube tray with integrated pivot rod supports that make the older assembly lighter in weight and easier to handle for removal for maintenance

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