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AngleSet™ Gauge


The AngleSet gauge is used to set the proper angle for doctor, roll cleaning, and scraper blades for improved performance and extended blade life. Using the correct blade angle can optimize the life of the roll.

The newest version of the AngleSet gauge is Bluetooth capable allowing users to record measurements directly to their mobile device using an exclusive Kadant app.


  • Bluetooth capability to connect to the exclusive Kadant mobile app
  • Compact, user-friendly design with backlit LCD display
  • Hand-held gauge requires minimal space to take readings
  • Auto shut-off feature for extended battery life
  • Reads to ± 0.10 degree


  • Quick and accurate measurement recorded directly to a mobile device
  • Reduces maintenance downtime
  • Extends doctor blade life
  • Improves doctor blade performance
  • Angle range of 180 degrees


Is there a cost for the mobile app?

The app is free for iOS via the App Store and Android through the Google Play Store.

Who do I contact for technical app support and questions?

If you are having issues with functions within the app, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Include AngleSet Mobile App in the subject line of any inquiries.

What information can I record using the AngleSet gauge mobile app?

Fields for mill location, machine, section, doctor position, measurement location, measurement type are entered and recorded along with the date, time, and relative angle measurement. Readings can be selected and emailed as a CSV file for reporting and record keeping purposes.

I see more than one AngleSet gauge device in range of my phone. How do I know which one to connect?

All AngleSet gauge devices use the same BlueTooth ID. Move your phone and the desired device away from the other device(s) and connect; then return to the work area.


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